Maximize Your Client’s Recovery - Refer A Case to Dracup & Patterson

Business and real estate litigation and trials can be time-consuming, difficult and expensive. Legal specialization requires lawyers to make considered and timely referrals if they believe another firm or attorney may better assist their client. Our attorneys stand ready to receive referrals, allowing referring counsel to focus on their own disciplines or specialties, conserving financial resources, and trusting their client will get an optimum result.

Since 1989, firms across the U.S. and worldwide have been referring business and real estate matters to us. If you would like to discuss a potential referral for Dracup & Patterson, please call our Managing Partner Jeff Dracup at (858) 480-5295, or email us at


Referral Agreements and Payments

We have paid millions of dollars in referral fees, consistent with California Rule of Professional Conduct 2-200. All referral agreements are committed to writing after disclosure and explanation to our clients. Factors that may affect the referral fee include the size and complexity of the case, the overall fee negotiated with the client, the likelihood of success, the responsibility for advanced costs, the amount of involvement of the referring attorney, and the point at which our firm is retained.

A Collaborative Approach to Referred Cases


We welcome referrals at any point in the litigation, although being retained early enables us to impact strategy, discovery planning, expert retention, trial preparation and settlement negotiations. We take pride in our ability to work collaboratively with referring attorneys, whether they wish to remain involved, joint venture the case or negotiate some other type of cooperative participation agreement. Referring attorneys are treated with respect and their relationship with the client is protected and acknowledged.